Digital Transformation of your Supply Chain Network in the Age of AI

December 26, 2019
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A breakdown of the myths surrounding AI. How does AI impact the supply chain today and how will it change in the future?

Defeating Ogres, Debunking AI Myths, and Finding the Right Path

There is a riddle I asked my kids when they were little. Although there are multiple variations of this riddle such as two paths, two doors, two houses, two guards, or two sisters, the idea is always the same. Finding the right path!

My version of this riddle goes like this;

“You are lost in an enchanted forest and finally, you reach a fork in the road. An old, warn out sign explains that in one direction, you will find and escape from this forest to an eternal bliss and the other direction leads you deeper into the forest and you will be lost forever. Each path is blocked by an ogre, who knows where that path leads. They are brothers and one, Falgrok, always lies and the other one, Trugrok, always tells the truth. You have a chance to ask only one question, otherwise one of the ogres may beat you up to a pulp. What would you ask?”

At first, it looks like you have a 50% chance of survival or a certain death if you are a pessimist. However, there is really a right question you can ask and escape from this forest.

You simply walk to an ogre and ask, “If I ask your brother a way out of this forest, which path would he point out?” and then simply choose the opposite path.

How would that work? You choose your way out by simply knowing what is not right.

If you ask Falgrok, he knows Trugrok would have pointed out the right path. Knowing this, he lies about it and send you the wrong way. On the other hand, Trugrok knowing his brother would have lied to you, honestly points out the wrong way.

Trying to understand and implement artificial intelligence (AI) for your supply chain network during your digital transformation efforts, or let alone finding the right partner in your journey, is like walking in an enchanted forest full of myths, ogres, and lost souls trying to find a way out. Finding the right path in there to an eternal bliss starts with knowing what is not right. Implementing AI is not a small feat and you may get bombarded with vague definitions and stories about how AI makes the world a better place. Let’s look at a few common myths you may come face to face with in your quest to transform your supply chain network by using AI while going digital in your organization.

Content reprinted from LOGISTICS VIEWPOINTS, By Erol Beynam, Oct. 29, 2019 Read more…

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