How Full Freight Visibility Can Help Improve Customer Service

December 26, 2019
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Excellent insight into how making a few changes to business practices can improve customer satisfaction and work efficiency.

At T.NETWORK, our goal is to put the fun back in freight forwarding with you! We strive to have a stable, friendly work environment along with excellent communication and customer service, which starts with visibility

Freight visibility is a hot topic these days. Companies are under greater pressure to know where their freight is at all time. As customer expectations for fast and low-cost shipping continue to rise, globalization is increasing, and we see ongoing fluctuations in freight capacity it’s more important than ever for companies to know where shipments are at every stage. But what does visibility really mean when it comes to a successful transportation strategy? And, how does visibility into freight shipments impact customer service?

According to a Geodis 2017 Supply Chain Worldwide Survey, just 6 percent of companies believe they have achieved full supply chain visibility. And 77 percent of companies say they have either no visibility or a restricted view. For many companies, visibility is the primary obstacle to cutting supply chain costs. In transportation, a lack of visibility can create inefficiencies that impact upstream and downstream activities, which result in unnecessary costs in the form of detention charges, higher carrier rates, and more.

In today’s modern supply chain, visibility at its simplest level is about knowing where your shipments are, when they are going to arrive, and being able to identify potential risks or delays in that projected arrival time. The expectations around visibility have evolved past simple track and trace capabilities. True visibility is about gaining deep insights into your data and leveraging that data to be proactive rather than reactive.

Ultimately, inefficiencies and higher costs related to your transportation network also have an impact on the level of service a company provides to customers. Companies are increasingly recognizing that freight visibility and higher levels of customer service go hand in hand. With limited visibility into freight movements companies not only risk penalties and fines for missing shipping windows, but the long-term effects can be much more far-reaching in the form of lost and decreased sales.

Visibility delivers more than reduced freight costs
In the not-so-distant past, it was common for many companies to use spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails in an attempt to create visibility. Shippers require visibility of their freight down to the SKU or purchase order level. That level of detail isn’t possible using spreadsheets or even most homegrown technology. Technology is critical to raising service levels by connecting different parts of the organization and ensuring information is shared.

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