T.NETWORK Terms and Conditions

By requesting or accepting goods or services from Transformers Network Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “T.NETWORK”), the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions of service (“Terms and Conditions”).

The rate quotation is valid for the stated validity period. If no formal acceptance is received within the original stated time frame then T.NETWORK reserves the right at any time beyond this period to adjust, cancel, and/or withdraw a rate quotation.

Rates are only valid for palletized and stackable cargo.

Each rate quotation must be accepted online directly or in writing by the customer prior to booking acceptance by T.NETWORK. A booking accepted by T.NETWORK represents the customer’s acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in the rate quotation.

Each rate quotation is subject to market fluctuations and amendments such as GRI, PSS or general market change.
If provided, transit times are estimated and not guaranteed. Actual transit times may vary.

All FCL door pickup and deliveries are based on one (1) hour of free time. Drop containers or overtime will be subject to additional fees.

Provided sailing and/or flight schedule, as well as cargo cut-off days, are subject to change. Rates do not include local government fees, duties and/or taxes.

All shipments are subject to space and equipment availability.

If a customs exam occurs, the exam fee/s will be passed on to the customer at cost.

If T.NETWORK or its affiliates do not act as the customs broker a document turnover fee of $65.00 per entry will apply.

Unless otherwise noted, this rate quotation is subject to surcharges and accessorials as published in T.NETWORK’s governing tariff.

Each lane quotation is based on and assumes that all cargo is suitably packaged and prepared for international transportation by air or land and all weights are accurate and correct. Rates may be subject to change if the actual cargo characteristics are different from what was provided.

Prior to movement, each shipment is subject to re-weight and re-measurement by T.NETWORK or any one of its designated subcontractors. To the extent that the originally identified freight characteristics, including but not limited to the freight’s weights and/or measures, are inaccurate, the applicable rate quotation shall be revised to reflect the actual freight characteristics and customer shall be responsible and agrees to pay any difference between the original rate quotation and the revised rate quotation.

Each rate quotation is based on and assumes that all cargo weight is within the legal guidelines that govern the routing of such cargo from any origin to destination. Cargo must also adhere to regional regulations for wood packaging.

All foreign services are quoted based on exchange rates at the time of the quote and can change with or without notice at time of shipment.

Marine and/or Cargo insurance will be invoiced unless there is a standing “Opt-Out” on file or insurance is waived prior to cargo receipt. Failure to purchase insurance means your cargo is subject to liability limitations set out in T.NETWORK’s Air Waybill of Lading Legal Terms and Conditions.

In the event of a force majeure event during the validity of this offer as described, or an event beyond T.NETWORK’s control, including but not limited to work stoppages, strikes, accidents, acts of God, governmental restraints, war, embargoes, unforeseen market changes, or other similar conditions, T.NETWORK reserves the right to adjust or renegotiate our offer based on the market effects of the event.

The rate quote and its contents are confidential information owned by T.NETWORK. The contents of this rate quote shall not be disclosed by the customer to any third party, to specifically include any competitor of T.NETWORK. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. T.NETWORK will take any legal means necessary to enforce this provision and protect this information.

Carrier and routing selection will be T.NETWORK’s choice, unless specifically requested and agreed upon in writing with the customer.

All shipments are subject to the T.NETWORK Sea or Air Waybill of Lading Legal Terms and Conditions printed at the backside of the Sea or Air Waybill and T.NETWORK’s Terms of Service.


Transformer’s Network, Inc., dba T.NETWORK, is a licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary FMC# 027903NF. T.NETWORK is a proud member of the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America, Inc. All transactions are subject to T.NETWORK’s standard terms and conditions, available on our Terms & Conditions page.

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